Store my energy surplus

The Destore battery stores your surplus heat with maximum efficiency.

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We present to you, our Destore battery !

Free of rare metals. Assembled in Belgium.

We store your energy in recyclable phase-change materials.



Improving the performance of your heat pump 

The battery allows you to operate your heat pump in the best possible conditions.


Shifting your production and consumption time frames

Storing energy allows us to shift the timing of production and consumption. This allows:

-self-consumption of your photovoltaic production

-make the most of dual-rate and more complex tariffs in the future

-increase the COP thanks to the outdoor temperature

-relieve the electricity network

A greener lifestyle

Stratification and modularity

By stratifying the storage, heat can be released at several temperatures. This is particularly useful for optimising the operation of the heat pump in terms of efficiency, longevity and comfort. What's more, the Destore battery is designed to be customised to suit your needs.

How does it work?

More compact

Phase change materials

When the battery is charging, the materials heat up. Once melted, they store energy with a density 3 to 4 times greater than the current standards. 

When they return the energy accumulated, the materials solidify like an ice cube and return to their original state.


1. Photovoltaic panels

Retain the energy generated by your panels for use when you need it most.

2. A heat pump

The heat pump provides a lot of heat with little electricity. It is the key to decarbonising your heating.

3. A smart meter

The communicating meter will enable you to benefit from the best electricity rates in the future.

4.  The Control Box 

Our smart control system


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